Employee Benefit Consulting Firms

Complementary services. Employee benefit consulting firms often have clients in need of actuarial services. Unlike most other actuarial firms, Williams Actuarial Group does not provide services that compete with you. Our independence, along with our expertise, gives you the ability to offer quality actuarial services to your clients without jeopardizing your existing business relationships.

Defined benefit pension plans. We provide all the actuarial, consulting and administrative services your clients need to sponsor a defined benefit pension plan. We can meet the needs of all of your clients:

  • The small business owner who wants to maximize tax-deferred savings
  • The mid-size company providing employees valuable pension benefits
  • The large corporation sponsoring defined benefit plans for small to mid-size employee groups or needing consulting on a project basis.

Post-retirement plans. We provide actuarial services for retiree medical, retiree life and other post-retirement benefit plans, regardless of company size.

Satisfied clients. We understand the importance of maintaining the best relationship with your client. By providing expert service on a proactive basis, we become the client's business partner who trusts we will take care of the company's benefit plan. You benefit because:

  • Your client receives quality actuarial services without working with a competitor
  • Your client relationship is strengthened because you have met their business needs.