Our Approach

For more than 30 years, Principal Vickie Williams has helped employers turn their pension plans into strategic business advantages. Vickie believes that the consultant's role begins with careful listening and asking the right questions. From there, she develops custom solutions that align with her clients' goals and values.

Following are examples of real client issues and Williams Actuarial Group's solutions.


Problem: New laws and regulations frequently prompt changes in plan design and administration, which, if handled reactively, can increase plan costs and increase administration complexity.
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group uses a proactive approach to help employers anticipate changes and keep their plans in compliance without unnecessarily driving up cost or complexity.

Problem: Client was not getting enough attention from its actuarial firm and fell out of compliance with government requirements.
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group uses a compliance checklist as part of annual valuation to ensure plans meet government requirements.

Timely valuations

Problem: A mid-size employer using a large actuarial firm was not receiving timely valuations and SFAS 87 reports. 
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group develops a comprehensive schedule outlining required events and tasks, who is responsible and the deadline for each.

Contributions vs. expense

Problem: Client did not understand the difference between contributions and expenses.
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group educates financial staff on the difference between contributions and expenses and explains how each is calculated. We also anticipate changes in contributions and expenses and use a forecasting system to measure possible outcomes.

Managing assets and liabilities

Problem: Client was not managing the relationship between assets and liabilities. 
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group closely monitors the relationship between assets and liabilities, estimates probable future relationships, and coaches plan sponsors on how to manage the relationship to avoid future problems.

Merged plans

Problem: Client's plan was the result of several merged plans, and benefit calculations for the prior plans were expensive and time consuming.
Our solution: Williams Actuarial Group's system captures and organizes data so the calculation process is efficient. Initial set-up fees significantly reduce future calculation fees.