Mid-Size Companies

Comprehensive services. If your mid-size company sponsors a defined benefit pension plan, Williams Actuarial Group provides the comprehensive services you need to sponsor your plan ” actuarial, administrative and consulting services. We also provide actuarial services for retiree medical, retiree life and other post-retirement benefit plans.

All types of defined benefit pension plans. We have experience with almost alltypes of defined benefit pension plans ” traditional, cash balance, hybrid and non-qualified.

Our approach. We often help the mid-size company who is not considered a priority client by its large actuarial firm. You are squarely our target market. You benefit from working directly with top actuaries who do most of the work. Our hands-on approach helps us identify and address potential issues and ensure your plan is a strategic advantage for your company.

The plan sponsor accustomed to working with other small actuarial firms will benefit from the expertise of our top credentialed actuaries who have a greater depth of experience. You receive large actuarial firm expertise in a small firm setting.

For more than two decades, Principal Vickie Williams has helped employers turn their pension plans into strategic business advantages. Vickie believes that the consultant's role begins with careful listening and asking the right questions. From there, she develops custom solutions that align with her clients' goals and values.

Complete resources. Williams Actuarial Group uses cutting-edge actuarial software for running valuations and projections. Accurate actuarial work is performed in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We have convenient access to complete research services. In addition to maintaining a library of hard copy and electronic services, we subscribe to a premier reference service for employee benefit professionals.

To obtain peer review and provide greater resources for larger projects, Williams Actuarial Group generally consults with an outside professional who is a member of its professional network. This network includes actuaries, attorneys and other employee benefit plan specialists.