Large Corporations

Services. Large corporations have a variety of needs with which we can help:

  • Consulting services on a project basis (e.g., mergers and acquisitions)
  • Comprehensive actuarial, administrative and consulting services for defined benefit pension plans for small and mid-size employee groups
  • Actuarial services for retiree medical, retiree life or other post-retirement benefit plans

Our approach. For more than two decades, Principal Vickie Williams has helped large corporations turn their pension plans into strategic business advantages. Vickie believes that the consultant's role begins with careful listening and asking the right questions. From there, she develops custom solutions that align with her clients' goals and values.

In large actuarial firms, the senior actuary merely supervises or coordinates and communicates the work of less experienced staff. At Williams Actuarial Group, most of the work is performed directly by the senior actuary. The advantages to you?

  • Greater accessibility to the senior actuary
  • Better communication throughout the project
  • Better identification of issues
  • More creative solutions

Complete resources. We use cutting-edge actuarial software for runningvaluations and projections. Accurate actuarial work is performed in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We have convenient access to complete research services. In addition to maintaining a library of hard copy and electronic services, we subscribe to a premier reference service for employee benefit professionals.

To obtain peer review and provide greater resources for larger projects, Williams Actuarial Group generally consults with an actuary or other professional who is a member of its professional network. This network includes actuaries, attorneys and other employee benefit plan specialists.

Case study. Our client, a major manufacturing company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was acquiring a competitor. The buyer agreed to assume the liabilities for the competitor's retiree life insurance plan. The seller represented that the plan only covered a small, frozen group of employees (i.e., employees who were hired before a certain date). The seller agreed to pay the buyer cash equal to the value of the plan liability.

Williams Actuarial Group's job was to calculate the value of the plan. In the process, our senior actuary detected clues that the plan might cover all employees, not just a frozen group. A less experienced or less proactive person would not have noticed these clues. As a result, we discovered the plan had never been frozen. If not for our effective detective work, the buyer would have assumed the liability for a plan that was almost two-and-one-half times larger than the cash they were paid.